For those who want to create a real corner of well-being in their home, the whirlpool and the Finnish suana are two essential elements.


Thanks to an inspection that we carry out free of charge in your home, we are immediately able to advise you on the best solution to make your new corner wellnes, intimate and magical as you wish. We can offer you suggestions that take into account your needs and the real possibilities of achieving what you want. This is the strength of experience, the ability to envisage problems and invent new solutions.

Why have a private sauna

An excellent remedy to combat stress!
The best remedy is to try to improve one's quality of life which today is also measured in relation to how much each of us manages to carve out free time for himself every day. Green light then to all the remedies that can relieve us from stress at zero kilometers, perhaps only for a short time but carried out in a constant manner.

Green light to health!
We know that the most immediate benefit of the Finnish sauna is to relieve us of nervous tension and general relaxation. So let's treat ourselves to these relaxing sessions more often!



We contrast tension with relaxation, we balance physical fatigue with rest, work with relaxation. The habit of the sauna carried out calmly, without haste, can help you live longer and be happier.
Very useful for relaxing, the Finnish sauna allows the body not only to eliminate accumulated stress, but also to eliminate tiredness. The heat, vapors and ventilation open the pores of the skin, causing effective perspiration, and cleansing of impurities.

The sauna relieves the muscles, eliminates fatigue, stress, relaxes, clears the respiratory tract, decreases arthritic pain, promotes blood circulation and eliminates toxins.
In addition, the dry heat of the Finnish sauna is suitable for those suffering from diseases of the respiratory system, such as bronchitis, sinusitis and rhinitis.


Sauna description

Maison Elite Group offers a wide assortment of Finnish sauna models made with fine quality materials, embellished with unique details and with a self-supporting structure that determines its solidity, durability and resistance over time, entirely handmade with fine fir wood Finnish. The refined design and a wide choice of different sizes allow you to find the model that best suits your needs: the rectangular Finnish sauna, in the center of the wall, the corner Finnish sauna, the small and large Finnish saunas and also made-to-measure customized saunas.

The walls are smooth and linear, 48 mm sandwich, double layer of wood. The insulation is made of natural wood fibre. The door and glass are made of 8 mm tempered glass with steel pivot hinges, to offer depth and transparency.
On request, it is possible to equip it on the sides with shelves for objects, towel holders, robe hangers or choose a different color or wood finish. Basic version with original Finnish accessories kit included, electric stove with built-in controls and indirect lighting under the bench.


  • Music therapy with vibrating speakers and bluetooth radio unit
  • Starry sky KIT with RGB chromotherapy with 60 2 mm optical fibers, with remote control
  • RGB chromotherapy spotlight
  • Led strips with RGB chromotherapy, with remote control
  • LED strips with warm or cold white light, with remote control
  • Backlit salt panel
  • Aromatherapy infusion pot
  • Wooden bench or pear tree table
  • Design headrest in wood
  • Curved wooden headrest
  • Panoramic windows

Example modular system


One of the experiences to try at least once in your life is to enjoy a nice hot bath, perhaps with whirlpool included in a hydromassage pool, also heated, in the open air and especially during the winter season, especially if surrounded by a particular climatic condition such as snow.

If until a few years ago this experience was only possible in SPAs, today thanks to research and product development, you can take advantage of this service directly at home. Whether it is a garden or a large terrace, all this is possible thanks to the outdoor hydromassage hot tubs.

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