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The general contractor, an Anglo-Saxon word that can be translated into: "general contractor" is a company or individual that deals with the complete execution of a project for the construction, renovation or fitting-out of houses, buildings or offices or even the execution of a work.
The general contractor is entrusted with the complete attribution of the design and all the essential phases to originate the work that the customer needs. The contract must include, in addition to the works or services required, the sum of the budget available, the general conditions and technical specifications to carry out the project desired by the customer.
The general contractor deals with agreements with suppliers of raw materials or companies specializing in the execution of construction, renovation, plant engineering and all the services necessary to comply with and execute the project.
In order to fulfil these duties, the company uses "subcontractors", who are generally individuals with a high degree of experience and professionalism to whom it is customary to turn and with whom it has trustworthy relations, in order to ensure full reliability and safety for the customer.

At the contractual level, total responsibility towards the client represents the primary guarantee for each person in charge of facing and supporting an important turnkey construction, industrial and plant engineering investment. There are 6 formal levels that differentiate this business model from traditional contracts:


Think of a new project with the customer by drawing up a real feasibility study. It must take into account the current urban regulations of the geographical area covered by the new project, the needs of industrial layout of production and the sizing of the process plants. In the construction of new turnkey industrial plants, the plant engineering equipment has the greatest weight both at the design level and at the cost level. The importance of a good engineering studio is precisely that of identifying, together with the customer, the redundancies and oversizing of the technical factors that constitute in fact a production handicap and sometimes a waste of energy consumption. The engineering study concludes with the preparation of all the project documentation in its stages: preliminary, final and executive site.


Provide the client with an overall order budget for the determination of an appropriate financial planning of their investment. The budgeting activity must take into account all the chapters of expenditure of the construction phases as well as the design and management of the order.


The Gantt diagram represents the fulcrum of the General Contractor's organizational model. It is closely linked to the specific needs of the client and therefore the entire investment revolves around the timing of the project as a whole. The General Contractor, therefore, must guarantee the client not only a general and brief timetable, but must also demonstrate that every day the project is under control phase by phase. A good planning of the works must be seen also in the perspective of the management of the interferences and in the coordination of the work phases.


The General Contractor is also obliged towards the client to respect the quality of the materials and products identified in the project phase, not only in the management and vertical selection of the sub-contractors identified for the realization of the work granted in the contract.


The General Contractor is also involved by the client to carry out all the bureaucratic and administrative procedures related to the obtaining of the qualifications for the new project, as well as to prepare all the appropriate documentation to obtain the final test both at structural and plant level.


Another fundamental characteristic that formally identifies these organizations is the management of the execution of construction and plant works with external suppliers, sub-contractors, outsourcing activities that provides for a correct selection upstream. As said, regardless of the number of sub-contractors, the client and therefore the investor, has a single contractual guarantee closely linked to the role of General Contractor. According to this logic the strength of a Contractor is tightly tied to the ability or less to make system in a strongly heterogeneous and above all interconnected market.


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