Maison Elite Group is a General Contractor in the field of Turnkey Design and Fittings, with specific skills related to the residential building environment, boutiques and showrooms, restaurants and hotels.

Operates throughout the Swiss territory, with headquarters in the Canton of Ticino (Switzerland), and is the fusion of previous technical and commercial experience over many years, having combined within itself various skills from the field of Architectural Design, to the field of Construction, Interior Design and Furniture, thus relying on a complete and highly qualified staff. The structure is composed of a staff of Creativity and Design composed of Architects and Engineers, a group dedicated to Project Management and a team of Qualified Posters and Craftsmen carefully selected and loyal.

The user who relies on the Maison Elite Group is sure to see his project realized with Advanced Ideas, Advanced Solutions, Safety in the processing stages, Transparency and Rapidity in timing, Guarantees and Control of expenditure.

The results are certain given the schematic nature of its supply chain, the use of highly qualified and selected resources in these years of activity, thus obtaining the loyalty of outsourced resources.

A group of companies, each with its own specific skills, all aimed at providing its customers with a 360° service, with particular attention to the design, construction, construction, search for new sites and maintenance of real estate assets.

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